Brickwork Repairs

Brickwork Repairs

Brick repairs are a great way of refurbishing brickwork, keeping the property within its original form. Repairs can be made to bricks that are cracked, gouged scratched and scuffed or replaced where bricks are missing.

Repairs are typically made by removing the bricks and mortar that are no longer required, material is then used to fill and tint the brick to match existing brickwork. All our repairs are finished to an exceptionally high standard.

Brickwork Repairs - before Brickwork Repairs - after

Drill Hole

This is a fairly common issue where drilling leaves brick damage and the remnants of rawl plugs.

External brick wall

A boundary wall with a variety of repairs made over the years is given the Tint Doctor treatment, much faster and more economical than rebuilding it.

Paint on a Brick Wall

Paint on brickwork can often be tough to remove, Tint Doctor can remove the paint and then tint the brick leaving a flawless finish.